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Who we work with

We work with a select group of clients

We don’t work with just anyone. Working with a financial adviser is a two-way relationship built on trust, honesty, and effort, so it has to be a great fit for us both.

Who we help

We tend to work with three groups of people.
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Approaching retirement

People reaching their late 40s who are starting to think about retirement. We show them the actions they can put in place now to ensure their transition is smooth and stress free.
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At retirement

Those who are just about to retire often need to act relatively quickly. We also work with people who are further into retirement and are starting to think about passing money on to their loved ones.
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Business owners

People who are making more money than they spend and have reached the realisation that they need help to ensure this financial success continues beyond their working years. We show them the actions they can put in place now to ensure their transition is smooth and stress free.

The questions we get asked

Clients often come to us with similar questions, such as…
I want to retire as soon as I can, when will this be possible?
How much money will I need to live the lifestyle I want in retirement?
I don’t feel in control of my future, what do I need to do?
Am I maximising my allowances?
I don’t want to worry about money anymore, how do I get there?
How can I make sure I have enough money to pass on to my kids?
Am I saving enough for the future?
I lack confidence and knowledge with the detail, will you communicate at ‘my level’?
Alternatively, clients will approach us with very specific requests regarding their pension, investments, or inheritance tax.

Either way, we work with clients to help them see that focusing on one small aspect of their financial affairs can often be short-sighted.

It’s a bit like if a football manager focused all their efforts on improving just one player. Sure, that player will improve, but it takes the whole team to be successful.

This is where the value of holistic financial planning comes into its own. We build a comprehensive picture of your current situation, establish your goals and a timeline for achieving them, and take the concrete steps to make them happen.
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Are we a good fit?

If this sounds like you, it’s likely we’ll work well together:

You have financial goals you want to address, but aren’t sure how
You want to understand your long-term challenges and opportunities
You are thinking about, or approaching, retirement
You want to build a long-term  relationship with a financial adviser who will create a plan to look after you and your family

If this sounds like you, it’s unlikely we’ll work well together:

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You want to 'beat the market' or have us promise you '£x' returns
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You see us as instruction takers or as simply investment managers
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You’re only looking for a one-off piece of work
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You’re not prepared to put the time and effort into working with us

To discuss how we can help you, please get in touch.