Kelvin Wealth Management Services

Kelvin Financial Planning Ltd offers two Wealth Management Service levels, Comprehensive and Primary.

The Comprehensive Service Agreement including costs can be found here. However, to summarise, this service model is appropriate for clients who which to receive a high level of ongoing service and portfolio management. Clients who select this service option will have access to their own client portal. They will also have the option of using our Smart Phone Application to benefit from 24/7 access to their portfolio information. Users of this service option will have telephone based access to their adviser on demand and will receive at least one face to face review meeting per annum.

The Primary Service Agreement including costs can be found in the service level agreement mentioned above. This service is typically used by clients with lower portfolio valued. The service option includes many of the service options that the Comprehensive model provides with the exception of personalised reviews. These are charged out at a project basis.